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Month: July 2015

Hackers Expose First Ashley Madison Users – CBS News

The hackers who penetrated, a dating website geared toward people looking for extramarital relationships, have sacrificed their very first hostage.The attack, reported Monday, collected individual details on 37 million members. The perpetrators required that the wholethe entire website be taken down or they would release all the names and private data they have.I think the inspiration for the hackers

is to humiliate the company, CBS News business expert Jill Schlesinger said in a look on CBS This Morning.For a website like Ashley Madison that prides itself

on privacy and anonymity, a breach like this can be catastrophic. The sites subscribers presumably felt that their personal details was safe– and lots of even paid additional to have their info scrubbed.The fast answer is: not that safe, Dr. Michael Sulmeyer, the director of the Cyber Security Initiative at Harvards John F. Kennedy School of Governments Belfer Center, informed CBS Boston.He said Ashley Madisons clients know now the truth of the web: Everything is hackable.Largely, you must not have an expectation of supreme security and personal privacy, Sulmeyer explained, And run with the understanding that things can go incorrectfail regardless of

all guarantees to the contrary.…

Old Mutual, PICTURE Offering Out Of Lewis – Moneyweb

JOHANNESBURG – The Public Investment Corporation (PICTURE) and Old Mutual Investment Group seem offering Lewis shares off the back of regulative pressure on its credit life insurance company.

According to share transaction data, the PIC purchased more than R191 million worth of shares between April and June 2015, increasing its shareholding in Lewis to 15.39 %.

Last week, it lowered its shareholding to 14.76 %, sellingcosting least 600 000 or some R47 million worth of shares.

In an emailed response to Moneyweb, the PIC stated the sale belonged to the profile rebalancing process it regularly undertakes on behalf its customers, taking into factor to considerconsidering the macroeconomic outlook in addition to intrinsic valuation of the investment.

It will certainly be interestinginterest see whether it sells out even more thinking about the about turn that Old Mutual has done on its Lewis shareholding.

In August in 2014 Old Mutual Plc increased its shareholding to as much as 10.54 %, only to dump these shares 3 months later and bring its interest in the business to simply 3.49 %.

Likewise in November in 2013, Old Mutual Financial investment Group (OMIG) reduced its shareholding in Lewis to 4.94 %.

The existing OMIG holding, according to Old Mutual, is just 2.2 %. This edges as much as 2.8 % at the Plc level (consisting of OMIG).

“We consider a number of elements when offering shares, however the hazard of Lewis’s revenues coming under regulatory pressures from their insurance coverage company is constantly taken into consideration when purchasing or selling its shares,” Brian Pyle, the Lewis expert at Old Mutual Equities told Moneyweb.

Previously this month, the National Credit Regulator (NCR) referred two Lewis Group subsidiaries, Lewis Stores and King Insurance coverage Company, to the National Consumer Tribunal (NCT).

The NCR said the companies sold loss of employment cover and occupational impairment cover, as part of credit insurance coverage, to pensioners and self-employed consumers.

The Regulator has requested the Tribunal to order a refund of pensioners and self-employed consumers, order an audit to be carried out and enforce a management fine of R10 million on the business.

Lewis responded to that the recommendation associated to only 3 cases, but stated it was “committed to working together fully with the Tribunal to ensure an acceptable resolution of the case”.

Understood for being an active shareholder in the business where it is invested, the PHOTO stated it intends raising the issue of abusive lending practices with Lewis management.

Pressure on unsecured loan providers

The Lewis Group is heavily dependent on credit sales. For the year to March 2015, credit sales represented 69 % of sales. While this was below 72 % in 2014, due to greater money sales from the Beares chain, the group’s credit consumer base grew 11 000 to 690 000.

In direct contrast, Shoprite’s OKAY Furniture business reported credit sales of simply 30 % for the 6 months to December 2014, the remainder being money sales.

Insurance coverage profits contributed a not unimportant R981 million to Lewis’s R5.7 billion full-year revenue. Merchandise sales accounted for the bulk of income at some R2.6 billion, while interest charges and initiation charges on credit contracts contributed R1.3 billion.

“Supplementary services” – consisting of service fees, extended service warranty contracts, delivery charges and earnings from Lewis Family Club membership – contributed R804 million. “MostThe majority of these services are optional to customers,” stated financier relations officer, Graeme Lillie.

The NCR is anticipated to cap credit life insurance charges in the near future, having finalised draft policy together with the Financial Services Board (FSB) and sent this to the Department of Trade and Market (dti).

Dishonest loan providers have been known to charge high rates on credit life to fatten margins, failing to notify consumers of their right to substitute the loan provider’s credit insuranceinsurance coverage with a policy of their own choice.

Finbond Mutual Bank, majority-owned by JSE-listed Finbond Group, remained in June referred to the Tribunal for charging customers “excessive and unreasonable credit life insurance”, according to the NCR.

Finbond said it is positive the NCR application will certainly be dismissed, but its share rate has nonetheless fallen 22 % since.

More recently, lender Capitec’s share price came under pressure off the back of propositions by government to minimize the interest rates on unsecured loans. Capitec CEO, Gerrie Fourie said its average interest charges are not far off the caps proposed by government.

To addcontribute to credit service providers’ distress, a recent High Court ruling regarding emoluments accessory orders (EOA) will likely see the debt recuperation procedure tightened by means of a Magistrates’ Court Amendment Bill.…

Weapons, Race, And Fox News’ Pathological Denial

Like frenzied buyers running down a last-minute list, Fox News talkers recently frantically triedattempted to patch together a stock of reasonsreasons that racist shooter Dylann Roofing system may not have actually been mainly encouraged by racism.

As the conservative media anxiously and collectively browsed for political cover, Fox News hosts and visitors providedprovided an array of not logical descriptions: Possibly the Charleston, SC church killing was an attack on Christians. Possibly it was an attack on South Carolina. Perhaps political correctness was to blame. Or diversity. Possibly pastors must be armed. (In any case, Fox Newsers concurred, President Obama was being very, really divisive regarding the matter.)

On and on, the alternative explanations were providedprovided in the face of frustrating evidence that Roofing system had actually set out to kill as lots of black individuals as possible due to the fact that he desiredwished to begin a race war. Duration. And the way Roofing pickedopted to do that was to open fire, and after that reload, in the basement of the historical Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, killing the pastor and eight parishioners.

Like so lots of Americans, Fox News has actually been drawing in the wake of the massacre, except drawing in a different way. While Americans recoiled from the raw hate behind the gun rampage, Fox News battled with bouts of pathological rejection.

Undoubtedly, for Fox News and much of the conservative media, the terrible killings in South Carolina represented a political challenge because the act of mass murder focused on two subjects Fox News has long firmly insisted do not really affect America, or do not require pressing action: Racism and weapon violence. That rejection has made it almost impossible for Fox to attend to the shooting in any coherent method.

For many years, Fox News and conservatives have routinely attempted to underplay gun violence as well as terrible bouts of mass murders– like the Sandy Hook school massacre– firmly insisting the problem represents an interruption or a red herring promoted by liberals to move the nations attention far from really pushing problems, like the national debt.

However the interruption spin is unreasonable. As Chuck Todd noted on Meet The Press, 50 Americans given that 9/11 have been eliminated in terrorist attacks. Depended on nearly 400,000 individuals considering that 9/11 have actually been eliminated by guns.

Meanwhile, if current estimates hold, for the very firstvery first time modern American history more individuals will certainly pass away in 2015 from weapon violence than from vehicle mishaps. About 20,000 Americans kill themselves each year utilizing guns. And as Bloomberg News reported, the monetary cost of United States gun violence in terms of lost work, medical care, insurance coverage, court expenses and discomfort and suffering amounted to nearly $175 billion in 2010.

And this, from an in-depth report from UNITED STATE Today on mass murders in America:

In spite of the avalanche of information, Fox News has led the charge to dismiss the significance of resolving gun security, and has actually been specifically callous in attacking advocates tryingaiming to pass brand-new legislation. That solidified political opposition helps discuss why the cable television channel has been desperately searching for ways to describerationalize the shocking South Carolina mass murder.

Fox and conservatives have been more adamant throughout the years in firmly insisting that Democrats, liberals and minorities over-hype the issue of bigotry. For circumstancesFor example, on his blog, Peter Ferrara of the Heartland Institute, a Chicago-based conservative think tank, reported in 2013 that racist attitudes not have any power or impact in American society. Certainly, The Wall Street Journal editorial page last week casually announced that institutionalized racism not exists.

Racism, like climate modification, is denied as part of the larger conservative political fact.

Like Restriction and the Wild West, bigotry obviously represents a remote chapter in Americas past and is now filed under archaeology, as Washington Post blog writer Jennifer Rubin dismissively put it last year while attacking Obama for attending to the issue at all. (Rubin asserted Americans are held prisoners forever in a past that a lot of Americans have never ever personally experienced.)

Why the increasing chorus of racism deniers under Obama? It fits a bigger, right-wing political program. Some on the right are deeply bought the concept that anti-black racism is not much of an issue in the United States, and definitely not a problem on the scale of false accusations of racism, wrote Michelle Goldberg at the Daily Monster.

Added Zack Beauchamp at Vox last week: basically, the fact that Americas got a Democratic, black president means Republicans have grown more skeptical that structural bigotry is a big, long-lasting problem. The result? Its extremely tough for Republican politicians to talk about racism as a severe, enduring issue without pushing away a genuine part of the base.

The same, naturally, goes for Fox News and not wantingwishing to alienate its loyal viewership base. Therefore in recentin recent times weve heard Bill OReilly reveal, We are not a racist nation. […] Fair-minded Americans should be deeply offended, deeply offended that their country is being smeared with the bigotry brush. Steve Doocy proclaimed, I do not understand that Barack Obama would have been elected president if he was living in a racist nation.

And there was this from Foxs Eric Bolling [focus added:

Its getting strenuous. We have a black president, we have black senators, we have black heads of captains of business, companies. We have black entertainment channels. Where– exists bigotry? I do not think theres racism. The only people perpetuating racism are individuals like this gentleman from the NAACP, are the Al Sharptons of the world. Lets move on. Lets move on.

Lets move on? Inform that to the peopleindividuals of Charleston.…

Boehner Promises Fight To Scuttle Iran Nuclear OfferFox News

The caution comes simply days after the UN Security Council endorsed the offer, over the objections of numerous in Congress. Republicans, and some Democrats, had desired the administration to wait until Congress evaluates it before seeking approval from the United Nations.

Congress nevertheless will have its say. Fox News has actually discovered the administration officially sent out the offer to Capitol Hillside on Sunday– this begins a 60-day clock for legislators to think about it, and then vote to approve or disapprove it or take no action.…

Conserving Grace For Abil Shareholders?

JOHANNESBURG – The sale of Stangen, African Bank Limited’s credit life insurer, to a consortium of banks and the general public Investment Corporation (PICTURE), might show a boon for investors of the failed loan provider if regulatory change does not lower the insurer’s pricecost.

Stangen (the Standard General Insurance coverage Business) is held by African Bank Investments Limited (Abil), which was positioned into company rescue last month.

Abil is also the holding company of African Bank Limited (ABL), presently under curatorship, and furniture retailer Ellerine Holdings, which is under business rescue.

It just recently revealed that it had actually received an offer from a consortium consisting of 6 huge South African banks and the PHOTO to buy the entire issued share capital of Stangen.

The very same consortium financed a R10 billion capital raise for African Bank after it collapsed in August in 2013 under a mountain of bad financial obligation. Shares in Abil were suspended days later at 31c a share, leaving common and choice shareholders in the lurch.

They have little hope of getting anything from Ellerines, which remains in business rescue, or African Bank, which have to initially please the claims of unsecured financial obligation holders and may only relist in 2 years time.

Stangen, which African Bank curator Tom Winterboer hopes will ultimately be a part of the reorganized Good Bank, could make all the distinction to shareholders.

The insurance provider’s interim financials show that at the end of March 2015 it held cash on its balance sheet of R1.65 billion and reported profit before tax of R786 million.

These numbers recommend that around R1.7 billion would be the minimum offer price for Stangen.

Assuming it reports an earnings of R1.6 billion for the full-year (R786 million x 2), Stangen would fetch anywhere in between R3.1 billion on a price/earnings (PE) multiple of just 2 or R15 billion on a PE multiple of 10.

The banks index PE ratio is 14.5, according to market information from IRESS.

At this phase, Abil’s just apparent liabilities (around R1 billion) are a R550 million assurance to banks that gave banking centers to Ellerines, and a loan from African Bank of about R447 million.

Any cash left over after liabilities have been paid need to go to Abil shareholders, first the preference shareholders and after that the regular investors.

According to a cash manager who chose to stay anonymous, the stated value of Abil choice shares (about 13.5 million pref shares were suspended at R7.80 in August 2014) is R1.1 billion.

Assuming there is a another R1 billion left from a R3.1 billion Stangen sale (a conservative appraisal), there need to be a distribution dividend to regular Abil shareholders too. At more normalised levels, the assessment could be well above Abils suspended August share price of 31c.

Regulatory clouds loom huge

Bronwyn Blood, portfolio supervisor at Cadiz Possession Management, stated there would be some value in Stangen for investors however it was “too quickly to tell”.

“There is a substantial amount of regulative change in regards to the NCA [National Credit Act], which has produced additionally issues for the Good Bank. Stangen’s future and sale cost veryquite depends upon its capability to function as a credit life insurance company for the Good Bank. There is bound to be more regulative modifications on the credit life front, which could substantially affect the sale costprice of Stangen,” Blood explained.

It is prepared for that the National Credit Regulatory authority (NCR) will certainly top credit life insurance coverage this year, while suggested reductions to interest charges on loans and stepstransfer to tighten up the debt collection procedure position additional challenges to the success of unsecured loan providers’ books.

“It is favorable that Stangen is still trading and successful in a very difficult environment, considering that African Bank is composing fewer brand-new loans than it made use of to,” Jeleze Hattingh, profile supervisor at Element Financial investment Supervisors, stated through phone from Cape Town.

However, Hattingh said that an independent valuation of Stangen, in addition to quality concerning the offer cost made by the consortium, are needed before remarks can be made on the potential recuperation that investors might take pleasure in.

Element, a preference investor, waits for clarity from Abil’s business rescue practitioners, Hattingh stated.…

MTA Remains Positive In The Middle Of Capital

STATEN ISLAND, NY– Now approaching eight months into 2015, the Metropolitan Transport Authority (MTA) is still missing out on virtually half of the funding for its capital plan for 2015 through 2019.

The plan, which covers a longer scope of state of excellent repair, service growth, and enhancement tasks, requires $14.8 billion to cover its overall $32 billion priceprice. In the program, Staten Island will see Staten Island Railway upgradesas well as brand-new rail vehicles and added Verrazano Bridge repairs.

MTA Chairman Tom Prendergast continues to be positive that the funding space will certainly close.

Ive stated numerousoften times previously, Prendergast stated after the MTAs board conference on Wednesday, one of the greatest factors I came back to New york city … is due to the fact that of the capability of all the stakeholders step forward to get the financial resources needed to run thissystem and make the improvements essential to keep the system safe and dependable and Im heartened by what development weve made up until now.

There are four stakeholders that money the capital strategy: the federal, state and local government in addition to indirect recipients like the business community. Without stakeholder support of the strategy, the authority facesincurring financial obligation, enhancing fair hikes and falling further behind the requirements of commuters.

As the months have dragged on, much of the financing talks have circled the city and the state, which have engaged in aback and forth as to who need to step up with more cash.


But on Tuesday, Deputy Mayor Antohony Shorris penned a letter to Prendergast saying that the mayors office wants to deal with the MTA to meet the capital programs funding crisis.

Given the seriousness of the situation, the city is prepared and willing to deal with the state to develop noise, long-lasting options, Shorris letter stated. With partisan gridlockparalyzing Washington, there is no sign of enhanced federal financing for transport on the horizon. It is therefore up to us to work together to come up with brand-new profits sources to meet this amazing challenge.

At Wednesdays board conference, Department of Transport Commissioner Polly Trottenberg backed theletter.

We feel its important that we roll up our sleeves and reach a solution, Trottenberg stated. We think all possible choices will certainly be on the table … and we actually look forward to the discussion.

The letter comes after the MTAhas askedthe city to offer more funding for months.

As we have actually stated before, the call for the city to increase its contribution to the MTAs expenses shows the factthat the city is the primary recipient of MTA services, said MTA representative Adam Lisberg in a statement. The paltry amount the city has provided for decades– specifically provided the citys current historic surplus– cant continue if we are to preserve a safe and trustworthy transit network, let alone enhance and expand rider services.

But thats where the city and the MTA disagree.

Trottenberg included at the meeting that, contrary to popular belief, we are not sitting on some gushing surplus that we can amazingly pull from.

Shorris pitched 3 ways to offer more funding:

  • Raising cash throughthe MoveNY strategy.
  • Increasing existing taxes that are devoted to the MTA.
  • Enhancing state and regional jurisdictions direct financial services tothe MTAs capital plan.


At this point, the city has dedicated $657 million to the capital program. The state has actually kicked in a total of $1 billion in funding for the MTA in its budget up until now.

… the MTA has been working carefully with Governor Cuomos office on a plan to meet the essential capital requirements of a system that is important to the Citys day-to-day life and economic strength of the area, MTA Spokesman Adam Lisberg continued in a statement.

Based on a letter State Budget plan Director Mary Beth Labate sent to Prendergast, dated Monday, July 20, the guvs office is hoping towork with the MTA to cutcosts of the $32 billion program.

One example, Labates letter states, would be making use of more professionals who both design and build new projects. She also says the MTA ought to deal with the metrology and timing of moneying needs– a portion of the tasks that are moneyed within one capital strategy aren’t really built inside that five-year window.

This recommends that the monetary concern associated with the capital strategy must be rationalized to show a realistic pace of spending … her letter said.

But Staten Islands MTA board member Allan Cappelli states that the complete $32 billion is requiredhad to keep the MTA– a trillion-dollar entity that serves 8.5 million everyday commuters– afloat.

Do I believe the plan should be scrutinized so that every dollar should be save can be conserved? Yes. However if anything, the strategy is too small. Its not even entering other projects that we desperately require, stated Cappelli, referencing the exemption of North Shore BRT and West Coast Light Rail funding.

I believe the MTA made an errorslipped up. It must have been looking at a 40 billion capital program. The issue with Albany is that it believes every number is pumped up. This number is not pumped up.…

Cam Newton Sees Household Of Charleston Shooting Victim

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newtonvisited on Monday with a least one household of a victim in the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church shootings that killed nine worshippers on Wednesday night in Charleston, SC

In images uploaded to Twitter and Instagram, the previous Auburn star is revealed with Chris Singleton, a Charleston Southern baseball gamer whose mom, Sharonda Coleman-Singleton, died in the shooting. Rashard Alston, a linebacker for Newberry College, posted a picture on Twitter that included Newton, Singleton and him.

Singleton published a messageon his Instagram account that read: Thank you @cameron1newton for coming out to my house and hanging with me and my family. #CharlestonStrong.

The web website reported Newton went to at least one other victims household without supplying details.

On Friday, Panthers owner Jerry Richardson donated$10,000 to the family of each of the victims and another $10,000 to the church. Richardson composed the moneythe cash was to defray funeral expenses and other financial requirements of each, ESPN reported.

We don’t desire to discuss the specifics of the contribution, but know our hearts are one with those who grieve the loss of these individuals, group spokesperson Steven Drummond said.

Authorities have actually arrested 21-year-old Dylann Storm Roofin connection with the murders.…

Forsyth County Murder-suicide: Guy Eliminates Better Half, Her 2 Children, Then Self

Inside the home, Manning’s 2 sons– Jacob Smith, 9, and Jared Smith, 8– were dead. Fields, 32, was dead from a self-inflicted gunshot injury and Manning’s daddy was critically injured, the constable’s workplace stated. Jerry Manning remained in critical condition late Wednesday afternoon with several gunshot wounds.Hours later on, investigators admittedly had no intention for the shooting spree, Forsyth County Constable Duane Piper stated throughout a 10 am news rundown.”As the examination goes on

, of course, we really hopewish to discover some kind of intention, “Piper stated.”There’s no reason that any of us are ever going to understand to wipeeliminate a whole family. We have absolutely no hint at this minute what precipitated it.”…

This Early MorningToday From CBS News, July 22, 2015

Cops video altered?Officials in Texas say they are checking out whether dashcam video linkedgotten in touch with a female inmates death was modified. The 52-minute video launched the other day reveals a Texas state cannon fodder after he stopped Sandra Blands car. He jailed her. The 28-year-old was found dead in her jail cell 3 days later on. Sherry Williams, of CBS Houston affiliate KHOU-TV, reports numerous breaks and jumps appear in the video.Trump flip-flops As he rises to the front of the GOP presidential primary, billionaire business owner Donald Trump is pitching himself as an unvarnished truth-teller -the sort of person who will certainly inform you what he thinks, whether you like it or not. But how consistent has Trump remained in his political beliefs over the years?Car hackings 2 computer system professionals, Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek, found out ways to hack into

a leading automakers vehicles. New video reveals them taking control of a Wi-Fi equipped Jeep. It backs the cyber security warning brought by 60 Minutes in February. CBS News contributor Kris Van Cleave reports the other days revelation came as senators kept in mind of the new vulnerability.Cyber-safety With the Web woven into virtually everything we do today, its reasonable to have the frame of mind that its only a matter of time prior to your individual

information will certainly be stolen. But that does not suggest you ought to throw up a white flag and do absolutely nothing about it. Safeguarding your details in the online world is an excellent step towards fraud prevention. If you haven’t already done so, don’t wait to put these 7 crucial safeguards in place, making access to and theft of your information as challenging as possible.BASE jumper eliminated American BASE jumper and wingsuit leaflet Ian Flanders passed away in a terrible fall as he was participating in the International Culture and Nature Sports Festival in Turkey.CBS News contributor Mark Phillips reports video shows him dropping towards the ground.Robot hotel The worlds first hotel staffed almost totally by robots is opening its doors full-time to guests this month, but CBS News Correspondent Seth Doane has actually already been able to invest a night in the futuristic center near the city of Nagasaki.Police report buzzwords The high profile trials of Manuel Noriega, Timothy McVeigh, OJ Simpson and George Zimmerman are among the crucial legal stories Kim Segal covered as a journalist for more than 2 yearstwenty years. She left her tv career for a position as a Public Protector in Broward County, Florida. Right here are some of her observations: As a new Public Defender– I started in September 2014– I commonly find myself believing, if I ever go back to journalism I will never ever once more check out a police report as naively as I made use of to. After reading numerous authorities reports, or as we call them, possible cause affidavits, you discover each criminal offense has buzz words that are utilized by law enforcement making sure the arrest sticks.Rob Lowe Be prepared to see a lot more of Rob Lowe in the very near future. And were not talking just about those humorous Direct TV advertisements showcasing a variety of Rob Lowes. Scrawny arms Rob Lowe, anyone?Note to Self: Jimmy Carter Jimmy Carter is the 39th president of the United States. He is likewise a Nobel Peace Reward winner, humanitarian and a former peanut farmer. Now, at

age 90, with 12 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren, he reviews an amazing life in the CBS This Early morning Emmy-nominated series, Keep in mind to Self.More Top NewsWorld Turkey obstructs Twitter gain access to after lethal battle Another crucial test of Greeks fix to secure bailout Politics Obama presses back at Iran critics on The Daily Show US Sex transgressor presumably held teenager in garage Washed-out section of highway to resume The Letter songwriter Wayne Carson passes away at 72 EL Doctorow, Ragtime author, dies at 84 MoneyWatch 5 typical credit score killers ATamp; T-DirecTV deal gets FCC chiefs OK Health Individuals judge pills efficiency

by look…