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Month: April 2015

State Textbook Financing Woefully Insufficient

Have you noticed that rates are dropping and you can get more for less nowadays? We haven’t either, but our lawmakers are acting as if this were trueheld true. Our existing state budget plan proclaims a $1 billion boost in instructional financing, however little is stated about how much of that cash actually reaches classrooms. […]

Bergen County Teacher/Educational Services Professionals Acknowledgment …

Kenneth Rota, Superintendent of Schools, has gotten alert of the Bergen County Teacher/Educational Solutions Professionals Recognition Program. The objective of this program is to acknowledge impressive instructors and academic services professionals at the local and county levels. An outstanding teacher is “one who makes use of effective and innovative training strategies, establishes a positive class […]

TXEXplainer: Formula Financing

How does the University of Texas at Austin, and all other public four-year greater ed organizations in Texas, compute state funding? Everything comes down to a formula. What is formula funding? In a nutshell, formula funding is how state higher-education organizations equitably disperse readily available state funds. The formula is determined by the HigherCollege Coordinating […]