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Body Donations On The RiseGrowing At US Medical Schools

In this Aug. 11, 2016 picture, Angela McArthur, right, director of the Anatomy Bequest Program at the University of Minnesota Medical School, walks with Jean Larson, widow of a donor in Minneapolis. When a relatively unusual alternative, body contribution has surged at medical schools, including the University of Minnesota. The increase has assisted supply cadavers […]

2 More Broward Citizens Report Ballots Missing Out On Medical Cannabis Change

2 more Broward homeowners have come forward to grumble that they received mail-in ballots that were missing Modification 2, the states referendum to legislate medical marijuana, inning accordance with a group that supports the measure.Norm Kent, a lawyer representing the National Company to Reform Cannabis Laws(NORML), said late Tuesday that the 2 voters who received […]

The Secret To Cutting Medical Bills? Workout Routinely

We all know that exercising regularly is great for our bodies and overall health. It turns out that keeping fit is also useful for our budget plans, according to the American Heart Association. Their brand-new research study, just recently published in the Journal of the American Heart Association, recommends that meeting recommended levels of exercise […]

Americans’ Incomes Cannot Stay Up To Date With Rising Medical Costs

Americans are spending more of their incomes on health insurancemedical insurance since stagnant wages aren’t staying up to date with spiraling medical expenses, inning accordance with a new research study. A report being issued Wednesday by The Commonwealth Fund, a nonpartisan research foundation, discovered that premiums and deductibles got 6.5 percent of employees’ incomes in […]