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Fact Check: Leaked Clinton Medical Records– Genuine Or Phony?

Donald Trump tested out a brand-new line of attack versus competing Hillary Clinton this week, saying that she is physically unsuited for the commander-in-chief role.

At a Monday rally in Ohio, Trump– who, at 70 years of ages, is nearly 2 years Clintons senior– painted her as a candidate who lacks the psychological and physical endurance to handle ISIS and all of the numerous enemies we deal with.

And hes questioned her psychological physical fitness before: Earlier this month at a New Hampshire project event, Trump called her a completely unhinged person and out of balance, all while parroting back Clintons declare that she short-circuited while answering concerns at a journalism conference.Conservative media outlets have only bolstered Trumps claims with their coverage, disseminating images online of Clintons purported medical records initially published by a now-deleted Twitter account. The medical files, which were purported

to befrom Clintons physician, stated she revealed signs of advancing Subcortical Vascular Dementia and regular Complex Partial Seizures. It said she complainedexperienced blacking out for brief durationsamount of times and had dealt with uncontrollable twitching. A brain scan image flowing online also professedto show there was an abnormality in Clintons brain tissue.

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