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Month: September 2016

Purchaser Be Careful: A Sale “Free And Clear” Is Not Free And Clear Of Claims Whose Holders Were Not Offered Notice Of The …

The 2nd Circuits current opinion in The Matter of: Motors Liquidation Company, 2016 WL 3766237 (2nd Cir. 2016) should offer pause to all purchasers of assets from insolvency estates. This choice can be found in the personal bankruptcy procedures of General Motors, where the debtors possessions were offered by Old GM to New GM complimentary […]

NextHealth Raises $8.5 M From Norwest To Drive Down Medical Expenses

Among the few staying universal truthsaxioms is that health care expenses are expensive. Insurance businessInsurance provider are bucking under the pressure from the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and they are preparedwant to try almost anything if it means reducing expenses. With a shiny $8.5 million Series A from Norwest Endeavor Partners, NextHealth will be making […]

Turkey Tightens Bankruptcy Post Ponement Routine

Turkey has tightened up its post ponement of bankruptcy routine. Bad faith debtors would routinely make use of the previous legal arrangements and court procedures, utilizing them to threaten or bargain with their creditors by denying them of enforcement and execution opportunities for a substantial and unpredictable quantity of time. However, legislative changes go a […]

Federal Judge Designates Kent Lindemuth Personal Bankruptcy Fraud Case To Be ‘Intricate’

Topeka genuine estate developer Kent E. Lindemuth, who is accuseded of more than 100 counts of insolvency fraud, will go back to federal court in late August. Previously this month, US District Court Judge Daniel Crabtree declared the case to be complicated and set up a status hearing to be carried out on Aug. 29. […]

Oi Will Reverse Cash-Burn Problem In Third Quarter, CEO Says

Dealing with agitated investors and shareholders amid a difficult financial circumstance in Brazil, Schroeder has actually set an ambitious objective of tripling the number consumers who sign up for numerous Oi services by the end of 2016. Under his plan, the carrier likewise aims to improve network financial investments by 25 percent this year.The quarterly […]