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Month: May 2015

Palmyra’s Ancient Ruins ‘Will Not Be Harmed,’ ISIS Commander States

An ISIS commander has apparently asserted that the extremist group will not damage ancient ruins in the Syrian city of Palmyra, as been afraid by heritage organizations after the militants seized the city last week.Speaking to Syrias Alwan Radio, the guy identifying himself as Abu Laith al-Saoudi stated that while his competitors would leave the ruins and monoliths untouched, they would crush any statuaries left in the city.NBC News might not separately validate the identity of al-Saoudi, who Alwan Radio stated was ISIS military leader in Palmyra.RELATED: As ISIS Gains Momentum, Is Syrias Assad on Way Out?Concerning the historical city, we will certainly maintain it and it will certainly not be damaged, he said. However exactly what we will certainly do is

to pulverize statues that the miscreants utilized to hope for. As for the historic monoliths, we will not touch them with our bulldozers as some tend to believe.Palmyras 2,000-year-old ruins are designated a World Heritage Website by UNESCO, which describes the once-great city as one of the most important cultural centers of the ancient world.Hundreds of Palmyras statuaries were transferred to safe locations before ISIS took the city.Syrias antiquities main Maamoun Abdulkarim informed Reuters on Tuesday that the ruins had sustained no damage up until now. Appearing to support this claim, ISIS published a video on the very same day showing some of the ruins undamaged.…

News Corp.’s $1 Billion Plan To Overhaul Education Is Riddled With Failures

Seventh-grader Kevin Warren hunched over his desk, struggling to log on to a brand-new tablet computer system that News Corp. rented to his school. It changed an earlier gadget, which had actually overheated, creating a red caution bar throughout the screen.

A couple of desks away at their Greensboro, North Carolina, intermediate school, Krista Sturdivant had not been impressed with the tablet. “In some cases it works, in some cases it does not,” she said as her desk mate, Ayana Munoz, using sky-blue lipstick, nodded in arrangement. “In some cases it does not connect to the Wi-Fi, and I cannot get my work done,” Ayana stated.

The tablets were expected to help transform schools and upend a sector that News Corp.’s Executive Chairman Rupert Murdoch said in 2010 was “waiting desperately to be transformed.” That hasn’t taken place.

By the end of June, Murdoch’s News Corp. will certainly have invested more than $1 billion in Amplify, its department that makes the tablets, sells an online curriculum and offers testing services. Enhance, which never ever set a timetable for turning an earningsmaking a profit, has yet to do so. It reported a $193 million loss in 2014, and its yearly profits represented only about 1 percent of News Corp.’s sales of $8.6 billion.

Hidden Rolex Helped Unravel Bankruptcy For S. Fla. Physician And His Spouse

The bankruptcy procedures became so contentious that the judge who managed them ruled the hubby and other halfcouple were not credible. He made an uncommon choice to decline their request to discharge their financial obligations of about $2.9 million.In December

, more than 7 years after their failed 2008 bankruptcy filing, Krugman, 61, and Giordano, 54, pleaded guilty to one count of bankruptcy scams for concealing assets.On Wednesday, a judge sentenced both of them to one year and one day in federal jail. They must report to prison in 45 days and, with time off for great behavior, will likely serve a little bit more than 10 months.Krugman and Giordano

wrote letters to the judge, admitting they acted in an obnoxious, elitist and cavalier manner. They said they were left mortified by everything that occurred.I totally acknowledge that my conduct

was incorrect, that I was big-headed and obnoxious, which I showed a lack of regard for the bankruptcy court and trustee, Krugman wrote.…

A Change From Graffiti To Fine Art: Beverly Hills

The textbook definition of exclave is a piece of land which is politically connectedconnected to a larger piece but not physically conterminous with it because of surrounding international area. According to Gerald Breaux Kelly, the curator of a brand-new exhibit, Introduction, at Exclave Gallery in Beverly Hills, the gallery takes its name from this political phenomenon. The idea is connected to the absence of underrepresented art work on screen in the local galleries that has its origins in the local streets, or artists that have not had the standard devices or schooling of widespread fine artists. In close-by galleries you can catch armed guards and bulletproof cars dumping a Picasso or a Matisse, while at Exclave the artists will certainly literary dump a canvas from the back of their trunk themselves. In a methodIn such a way, the city of Beverly Hills and its environs is a metaphor of the international area, while the gallery is a direct representative of greater Los Angeles. Its as if Exclave Gallery planted a flag in the middle of this trendy zip code. However the thought really is, Why not? The building is possessed by a publisher of technological software, who understands the need to stir things up in Beverly Hills, comparable to exactly what the Sweeneys did at the El Segundo Museum of Art.

As the approval of graffiti, street art, metropolitan art work or underground counterculture ideology takes the world by storm, the integrity and reliability of the artists is whats at stake. Perhaps the general public view them as easy artists from the streets that are currently in vogue, or maybe numerous emerging artists are in reality riding on the coattails of effective artists who have assisted wield this unstoppable worldwide machine, however the fact is that art in basic, no matter what type, has a house and an audience. And according to Gerald Breaux Kelly, Although many of the artists in the show started with graffiti or street things, they are in a change or on the cusp of greatart. A graphic designer himself by trade, by way of Oakland, his roots are grown and straight connected to urban art work and culture, in addition to left-wing political ideology. In a methodIn such a way, the gallery and space looks for to avoid the co-opting of such art by business swindlers, and make it more about cumulative uniformity. Thus, the artists included: Anthony Cox, Brek, Dreye, Macho, Siner, Sunny Phono, Tank, Teddy Kelly, Nathan Smith and Steve Martinez seem comrades within their creative circle.

Among the most prominent pieces in the program, Environment Reproduction, was done by Tank, who moved around different parts of L.a, from Atwater Town, to Mid-City, to Long Beach and has an excellent grasp of the megalopolis. At simple look, his painting is a tank weighed down deep in the abyss of the ocean. However, as you pay closer attention to detail, you will certainly admire the gorgeous underground shades and the coral reef that swing in motion with the school of fish that appear to be getting fired from the tanks canon. And although the aggressive tank is a defense weapon of intimidation, in the underground it commands a peace and excellence. Tank kept that he was in a hibernation state for a few years, deep down in the abyss like his painting waiting for to develop above water level for a breath of life. However as the painting demonstrates, life in the underground is simply as stunning, picturesque and lively as anywhere else. For more detailsTo learn more check out: 420 N. Camden Dr. Beverly Hills, CA 90210,

Picture Credit: Exclave Gallery 2015…

Westwood Fine Art Celebration Features Artists From Throughout Country

Tables filled with colorful merchandise line the stretch of Lindbrook Drive in between Glendon Opportunity and Westwood Boulevard. Jesse Nguyen, a pottery artist showcasing his products under the shade of a canopy, picksgets a delicate plate and hands it to a curious passerby.

The customer turns the plate over to examine the colors the top of the plate is a glazed, glassy eggshell blue, while all-time low is a matte black surface that enhances the contrast between light and dark.

The pottery is Japanese black clay, which consists of a high concentration of volcanic clay pigment, Nguyen stated. The greatest and finest clay includes less impurities, which makes the pottery stronger and resistant to wear and tear.

Over the weekend, artists from across the nation took parttook part in the Westwood Town Fine Art Celebration to present their work, varying in mediums from glass to painting to porcelains. The event, hosted by West Coast Artists, showcased galleries manned by the artists themselves who discussed their pieces with the passersby and negotiated prices in a casual, outdoor atmosphere.

Nguyen, who said he has actually been working with pottery and clay for 3 years, stated he switched to pottery after he lost his source of earningsincome painting scenes on canvas.

I chose to change mediums to make more practical pieces of art that people might utilize, Nguyen stated. I keep the artistic inspiration in my dinnerware by keeping my designs easy, elegant and practical.

Across the street under another canopy, Jeni Bate, a watercolor landscape artist based in Imperial County, showcases scenes depicting intense skylines, still waters and rich greenery. Landscapes of different sizes hang in vibrant selections throughout the walls and seem to move as light slants throughout the canvases.

A collage labelled Crimson Thread hangs in a corner and includes a dawn scene with scarlet clouds threading through sky at dawn. Upon closer assessment, the red words of a sonnet in Shakespearean type, made up by Bate and alsoas well as entitled Crimson Thread, materialize from the clouds.

The painting inspired the words of the poem, Bate said, which explains the wonder felt at viewing clouds change color at dawn.

Bate said she paints each individual scene multiple times, cuts the paintings into various geometrical patterns and then pastes the pieces over each other, developing the result of life in an otherwise still landscape.

I attempt to line up some of the patterns in the pieces of the scenes, but its the misalignments of the other details that produce the impact of movement, Bate said.

On the very same side of the street, an uncovered table groans under the weight of piles of beverage rollercoasters in intense pinks, environment-friendlies and blues. Ceramics artist Marquis Leo, who stated he is inspired by the Cubist and abstract art motions, said he produces rollercoasters as art that users can assemble themselves.

A lot of peopleThe majority of people stack their coasters, concealing the art on each coaster and resulting in people not having the ability to value the designs, Leo stated. My rollercoasters are suggested to be placed side by side, developing a bigger piece of art that you can then leave on your coffee table.

While Leo stated his design is influenced by artists such as LeRoy Neiman and Pablo Picasso, he stated the meaning behind his art is inspired by his emotions and experiences.

I have no official training, so Im not very technical with my art, Leo said. That just suggests that I paint not from the brain, but mainly from the heart.…

MBTA Report Faults Employee Abuse Of Family Leave Act

Insiders state its the open trick of the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority: If you wantwish to take a time off with no repercussions, you need to get accredited under the Household and Medical Leave Act.Its the federal law that allows staff members who have a serious health problem or requirehave to take care of a brand-new youngster or an ill family member to take unpaid, unscheduled times off for approximately 12 weeks a year.

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Lady Shot Leaving Medical Center Dies

A lady who was shot several times last week after leaving work at the Texas Medical Center has passed away, Houston police stated.

Elizabeth Jacquot, 47, was noticable dead Monday. She was shot April 2 while walking to her vehicle in the 2200 block of West Holcomb.

She was hurried to the medical facility, where she stayed up until her death.

Police identified Austin Birdow, 44, as the prime suspect in the shooting.

The couple had actually been in exactly what authorities called a dating relationship. Houston authorities did not clarify exactly what triggered the confrontation that led to the shooting.

The gunman got away the scene after the shooting.

He was recorded Friday in Austin. He has actually been accuseded of intensified assault, but cops stated the charge would likely be upgraded to murder.

Birdow continues to be in the Williamson County Jail waiting for transfer to Harris County, authorities said.…

4 Secrets To The Detroit Bankruptcy Procedures From Judge Steven Rhodes

Retired federal Judge Steven Rhodes final case was his most vitalcrucial.

When the City of Detroit submittedapplied for Chapter 9 bankruptcy, Rhodes supervised the 17-month procedure that concluded with the citys exit from the largest municipal bankruptcy in United States history.

From the first day I thought wed discovered the right individual and I was greatly delighted, Guv Rick Snyder said Wednesday early morning as he introduced Rhodes to a crowd at Ann Arbors Barton Hills Country Club.

Due to the fact that he set the tone from day one that this was going to get done and it was getting done the best methodthe proper way.

  • Read all MLives coverage of the Detroit bankruptcy.

Former University of Michigan athletic director and Bank of Ann Arbor founder William Martin– who now serves on Detroits Financial Review Commission– opened the event, which was hosted by the Bank of Ann Arbor. He said the work done by Snyder and Rhodes, two of Ann Arbors own, was really importantessential.

Exactly what they have done for the public, not only for all the citizens of the state of Michigan, however by setting a standard of how to deal with it when you have difficulty, it will certainly be remembered in history permanently, he stated.

… Mayor Duggan informed me that if it hadnt been for judge Rhodes this bankruptcy would have gone on twice as long and cost two times as much.

Rhodes said the procedure was able to be completed rapidly and successfully due to strong judicial management, persistent and ingenious mediation, really excellent lawyering and a prevalent belief in the citys objective.

1. Judicial Management

Rhodes stated he entered the case knowing that it was importantwas necessary and knowing that it would be challenging and that the choices made would have severe impactsinfluence on individuals lives.…

Children And Cash: Argument Heats Up Over Solutions To The Student Loan Debt Crises

Among the many concepts being considered to ease the countries student loan financial obligation crisis is this one: Enable cash-strapped borrowers to cleanerase their repayment commitments through federal bankruptcy court.My recent column on President Barack Obamas proposal to alter bankruptcy laws so manynumerous student loan customers might start fresh touched a nerve with numerous readers. Some were annoyed, however others stated bankruptcy is the answer.Its not unexpected that individuals would have strong opinions on the problem, provided the increasing cost of a college education and the sacrifices many families make to cover the bills.By the latestthe most recent count, about 40 million individuals are lugging student loan debt, with the typical amount around $29,000.And according to a recent report from the Federal Reserve Bank of New york city, only 37 percent of customers are current on their loan payments. An extra 17 percent are in default or in delinquency.Unlike most debts, student loans from government and personal loan providers generally are forbidden by federal law from being forgiven in bankruptcy proceedings.However, there are exceptions, such as in cases of undue hardship or other situations involving private student loans, according to credit specialist Steve Rhode.In addition to the White Residence proposition, a bill was introduced in the Senate last month that would let customers remove financial obligation from personal student loan providers. But those loans account for just about 10 percent of the market.John Marcolla was among the readers who believe alleviating the bankruptcy process would be bad policy.Having compromised and worked hardstriven to pay for my three childrens educations, I discover it unreasonable that student loan relief and forgiveness ares a possibility, Marcolla wrote.He also noted that the high level of student loan financial obligation is a clear reminder that typicalgood sense and the return on the expense of the education requires to be thought about when borrowing cash to pay for college or technical training.Jim White composed that any idea that bankruptcy laws must be changed for the benefit of deadbeats and to the hinderance of taxpayers is outrageous.Much like the mortgage crisis during the Great Economic crisis, White noted, the government by way of the taxpayer is expected to make the situation whole.Schools belong to the issue, stated White, particularly some for-profit institutions whose profit motive surpasses their interest in scholastic accomplishment.But count Robertson Cohen on the other side of this dispute. Cohen, a bankruptcy lawyer, Chapter 7 bankruptcy trustee and moms and dad with college expenses on the horizon, wrote that if all student loans, not just private loans, were dischargeable in bankruptcy, you would see the expense of college curbed.He elaborated: Why are there restricts for our charge card, house mortgage, even small companybank loan? Because at the end of the day, they are all dischargeable in bankruptcy. At the end of the day, somebody, be it the bank or the government, is merely unwilling to take the danger of loss beyond a certain point. However when that threat of loss is gotten rid of, the moneythe cash will certainly flow, and there will be unexpected effects, widespread increases of college tuition and saddling the youth with financial obligation beyond their wildest dreams.To sum it up, these comments give you a sense of the nationwide dispute over student loan debt.The fate of bankruptcy modifications is unclear, but any measure would need to go through a Republican-controlled Congress thats not most likely to bend.Borrowers would be far better off pursuing choices offered, such as versatile payment terms, caps on interest rates and, in some cases, the possibility of getting balances waived entirely for excellent repayment histories.Contact Steve Rosen at or compose to him c/o The Kansas City Star, 1729 Grand Blvd., Kansas City, Mo., 64108.…