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Month: May 2015

Hidden Rolex Helped Unravel Bankruptcy For S. Fla. Physician And His Spouse

The bankruptcy procedures became so contentious that the judge who managed them ruled the hubby and other halfcouple were not credible. He made an uncommon choice to decline their request to discharge their financial obligations of about $2.9 million.In December , more than 7 years after their failed 2008 bankruptcy filing, Krugman, 61, and Giordano, […]

A Change From Graffiti To Fine Art: Beverly Hills

The textbook definition of exclave is a piece of land which is politically connectedconnected to a larger piece but not physically conterminous with it because of surrounding international area. According to Gerald Breaux Kelly, the curator of a brand-new exhibit, Introduction, at Exclave Gallery in Beverly Hills, the gallery takes its name from this political […]

MBTA Report Faults Employee Abuse Of Family Leave Act

Insiders state its the open trick of the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority: If you wantwish to take a time off with no repercussions, you need to get accredited under the Household and Medical Leave Act.Its the federal law that allows staff members who have a serious health problem or requirehave to take care of a […]

Lady Shot Leaving Medical Center Dies

A lady who was shot several times last week after leaving work at the Texas Medical Center has passed away, Houston police stated. Elizabeth Jacquot, 47, was noticable dead Monday. She was shot April 2 while walking to her vehicle in the 2200 block of West Holcomb. She was hurried to the medical facility, where […]

4 Secrets To The Detroit Bankruptcy Procedures From Judge Steven Rhodes

Retired federal Judge Steven Rhodes final case was his most vitalcrucial. When the City of Detroit submittedapplied for Chapter 9 bankruptcy, Rhodes supervised the 17-month procedure that concluded with the citys exit from the largest municipal bankruptcy in United States history. From the first day I thought wed discovered the right individual and I was […]

Children And Cash: Argument Heats Up Over Solutions To The Student Loan Debt Crises

Among the many concepts being considered to ease the countries student loan financial obligation crisis is this one: Enable cash-strapped borrowers to cleanerase their repayment commitments through federal bankruptcy court.My recent column on President Barack Obamas proposal to alter bankruptcy laws so manynumerous student loan customers might start fresh touched a nerve with numerous readers. […]