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Month: April 2015

Medical Cannabis Steps Through House

Chloe Lea was born in October 2011, and when she was 8 days old she was identified with a genetic condition that handled the advancement of her brain. She had intractable seizures, hundreds of them on an offered day.Chloes mother, Peden Lea from Memphis, did everything in her power, went to every doctor she could […]

Medical Examiner Gets ‘golden Parachute’ From Taxpayers

Delawares previous primary medical examiner is collecting his state pension on top of thousands in benefits payments, even as he remains the subject of a Justice Department-led criminal investigation over the misuse of state resources.One Republican lawmaker called Dr. Richard Callerys payment bundle a taxpayer-funded golden parachute.Callery, who was in charge of a Delaware laboratory […]

AZ Supreme Court Enables Medical Cannabis On Probation

The Arizona Supreme Court on Tuesday provided 2 judgments disallowing courts and prosecutors from rejecting marijuana use as a regard to probation if the convicted felons have legitimate medical-marijuana cards.In one case, a man convicted of possessing cannabis for sale in Cochise County was prohibited from utilizing cannabis by a probation officer after he was […]